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Mad Musée & Créahm

From MAD to Trink Hall

The MAD is the museum of the Creahm. The singularity of the museum is to curate and to promote works of art produced by Creahm as well as by the studios which, throughout the world, aim at revealing and deploying art forms produced by people with mental handicap. The MAD is an international, constantly growing collection (paintings, sculptures, drawings, prints, textile compositions, etc.) consisting of 2500 works.

Since nearly 20 years, The MADmusée preserve and promote works produce by people with mental handicap in a studio. Nowadays, the museum is being upgraded and this architectural refurbishing gives a new opportunity to re-think its identity : the MAD –Musée d’art différencié- becomes the Trink-Hall , museum of ‘situated arts’.

“Trink Hall” is the original name of the building where the museum is being located and it demonstrates the will to revive its initial momentum. It is for the museum to open up the collection outside the usual artistic categories and to recognize, always, the profound singularity of the works. Whatever the name given (art brut, outsider art, art différencié...), what characterizes, in our eyes, the plastic productions that are born or are visible at the borders of art or culture is the critical function with which they are invested. The extreme diversity of these works intrigues, troubles and may possibly bring about enthusiasm or hesitation. Indeed, these arts bordering art, force us to take a stand. At Trink Hall, we don’t want to look at the collection with the eyes of art, but to think about art (and its environment) with the eyes of the collection.

During the transformation of its building, the MADmusee is located at rue Fabry 19 a 4000 Liège -  00 32 4 222 32 95.

This building does not have an exhibition space. For the museum's one-off exhibition program, visit our Facebook page.